Sunday, October 27, 2013

MIssing Something

I've been relying in knitting a lot lately to help dealing with being homesick.  I can't decide if that's good or bad.  I've been working a lot because of harvest, but sitting at home with the few hours I have at night sure has stunted my social life, not that I have any time for one.  I'm excited for the end of harvest, and it's winding down.

I've decided to join a photography guild or club or group or whatever it's called.  I've also decided to try Crossfit.  Anything to make some friends.  

Last night I drove to the knitting store in Cambria.  I've been wanting to go and I also got to see the ocean for the first time in two months.  I got this Manos del Uruguay.  I've always loved this stuff.  I got it in a deep purple, this photo looks really maroon.  I'm making the Mikan Snood.

I got this Pigeonroof Studios 80/20 SWMerino/Nylon in the color Fondant.  It'll probably sit for a very long time before I spin it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Almost October

 I think it may be everyday that I promise that I am going to become a blogger again.  I've been in California since June, and there's been a lot of change so I can't quite keep my head on straight.  Changing your entire line of work and organization, state, friends, lifestyle...changing it all at once, and missing it all at's a little: crazy.

Before I moved out of Texas, I got this Strawberry Lemonade SW merino from Krista at Pigeonroof Studios.  I order roving from her almost weekly at times it seems, and I am always excited for it.  But for this, I ran to the mail box.  Now that she puts Haribo gummy bears and little samples of her yarn in the bag, I tend to open it and forget about the roving while reading the cute notes she leaves and eating yummy bears, and then I realize that I have roving!  I never take photos of yarn that justify how beautiful that it is.  I need to pick a project for my handspun.  If you want some, I can hook ya up!

Since it's almost October, my favorite month, it's starting to get pumpkiny!!  Three years ago, while I lived in South Carolina, I had put myself on a tight budget.  Instead of getting Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, I seasoned my regular coffee grounds with pumpkin pie spice!  I teaspoon is all I need, but I only make about 16oz of coffee in the morning.

During Labor Day weekend, I went to Monterey and Santa Barbara.  I went to all of the knitting stores that I could find.  Loop and Leaf in SB was amazing.  Amazing.  I bought enough Brooklyn Tweed Loft to make Ash.  It'll take me 6 months, but a 110 degree day always ends in a 60 degree evening on the California Coast.  (I miss hot southern summers)

During my first or second year in the Army, my friend Stefanie of the now-closed Backwards Loop sent me this as a gift.  I promptly lost the tag and didn't knit for months of end because of my busy Army life, but I think that it is Madelinetosh Sock in Robins Egg.  The picture is not white balanced so the color is way off! I'm making some Child's First Sock peds, toe up.

I found a knitting store in my area.  Ranch Dog Knitting in Atascadero, CA.  I bought this Blue Sky Alpacas Melange just to knit a shawl while at knitting night there.  A knitting night that I only went to once.  And I'm almost done with the yarn.  I foiled my own plan!  I've been making the Mizutama Shawl, but I want to connect it and make a kerchief.  We'll see.  It made me mad last night but I was two large beers deep!

I got this Becoming Art Fiber in a Ravelry destash.  It reminded me why I am a Pigeonroof snob.  It felt felted and I dreaded the entire first bobbin of spinning.  Now I need to spin the other half.  Good thing I have lots o' bobbins so I can by-pass it!  It's very much like Nest.  Ugh.

I am going to by-pass it for this wonderful Pigeonroof Electric Rose SW Merino.  BeAuTiFuL!  I'm obsessed with this color, although when I first bought it years ago I considered me to be "taking a chance on some crazy"! It sits next to Strawberry Lemonade in my heart!

Those are my small updates for now.  It's harvest in wine country so I'm working 7 days a week.  I need to get some pictures from work!

Monday, September 2, 2013

We Are Monterey

I lived in Monterey, CA during 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.  I just moved to live with my dad and he was stationed there.  I went back to visit for a weekend during senior year, but I have never thought I'd go back.  After I made the decision to move two hours south of Monterey, I knew the first place I wanted to visit when I moved to California was Monterey.  Two months later, I finally visited, on my new bicycle.

I rode my bike all around and went down memory lane.  I went to three knitting stores.  I didn't buy anything though.  I did go to Santa Barbara on Sunday and fell in love with a knitting store there, Loop and Leaf.  I also loved Santa Barbara.  My bike and I will go and visit, and I'll buy more yarn!  I got 9 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft to make Ash by BT.  I already purchased Madelinetosh Vintage in the color Antler to make Ash, which I also did last summer, but the stitch pattern just doesn't show up.  I have the Tosh Vintage in my lap now, and I'm making the Rocky Coast Cardigan with it!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Road out of Texas

After five years in the Army, it's time to move on.  It's been a crazy year just trying to move on.  

I left Texas this week, and although I am from San Antonio, I am extremely thankful to leave El Paso.  I think it was God's plan to put me in a terrible place so that I could move on and be happy almost anywhere.

I won't miss this place, not one bit.

A view of El Paso and dirty Mexico, same thing.

A night view of El Paso, while walking the dogs. I saw this a lot, thanks job.

I stopped on I-10 and took this photo.  I was so happy to see Texas, and trees.  The humidity feels good too!

While I was in town I stayed with my friend JJ.  It was great to see an old friend and run around my old stomping grounds, if only for a day.  I bought some new make up, shampoo and skin care stuff.  I need to change some boring old ways that  I have.  I started to hurt my heart that I wasn't moving back to San Antonio.  But, God has a plan.  God has a plan.  God has a plan.  Repeat.

It rained a lot in San Antonio right before I showed up.  I took these pictures in Raymond Russell Park. I started going there when I was 16 to swing.  I still go every time that I'm in town.  I've been swinging and thinking since I was a kid.

I am in Louisiana with my best friend Rebekah for the week.  I love that her house feels like home.  I hate how I love the south, and I'm not moving here.  I'll enjoy it while I can and come back as often as possible.