Thursday, May 30, 2013

Road out of Texas

After five years in the Army, it's time to move on.  It's been a crazy year just trying to move on.  

I left Texas this week, and although I am from San Antonio, I am extremely thankful to leave El Paso.  I think it was God's plan to put me in a terrible place so that I could move on and be happy almost anywhere.

I won't miss this place, not one bit.

A view of El Paso and dirty Mexico, same thing.

A night view of El Paso, while walking the dogs. I saw this a lot, thanks job.

I stopped on I-10 and took this photo.  I was so happy to see Texas, and trees.  The humidity feels good too!

While I was in town I stayed with my friend JJ.  It was great to see an old friend and run around my old stomping grounds, if only for a day.  I bought some new make up, shampoo and skin care stuff.  I need to change some boring old ways that  I have.  I started to hurt my heart that I wasn't moving back to San Antonio.  But, God has a plan.  God has a plan.  God has a plan.  Repeat.

It rained a lot in San Antonio right before I showed up.  I took these pictures in Raymond Russell Park. I started going there when I was 16 to swing.  I still go every time that I'm in town.  I've been swinging and thinking since I was a kid.

I am in Louisiana with my best friend Rebekah for the week.  I love that her house feels like home.  I hate how I love the south, and I'm not moving here.  I'll enjoy it while I can and come back as often as possible.